Uncover your “why” from day one. We dig deep into understanding your business and your needs.


We use our experience in a wide range of industries and roles to develop, deliver, and execute your plan.


Our vast, connected, and knowledgeable network supports you as you transition and transform your business.


Our relationship-focused approach means we go beyond to help your business thrive.

“Quality relationships create space for future-forward corporate transformations.”

Discover how the right strategy — and the right people — can help you move confidently through your business transitions and transformations.
- Susan Handrigan, Founding Partner

A new approach to advising

At Handrigan & Associates (``H&A``), we align your business objectives with your personal preferences. Bringing years of expertise in navigating ever-changing business landscapes across industries, we go beyond standard advisory services to deliver a relationship-focused experience.
Our Approach


Investing in our community, investing in our future

At H&A, we believe in the importance of encouraging women in fields of business and entrepreneurship.

We are proud to support of Catherine Allard, artist, creative and entrepreneur, and her participation in L’effet A’s 100-Day Program, a transformative leadership program for ambitious women.

Having invested in thousands of companies over the years, this is the first time we’ve invested in an individual.

We are confident in Catherine and her future endeavours and believe that the program will open many doors for her. We look forward to seeing where this new adventure takes her and are happy to be a part of her journey.


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