A relationship-first advisory firm

Handrigan & Associates specializes in corporate transformation for small and medium-sized businesses in Canada and abroad.

The firm was founded in 2019 by Susan Handrigan to address a growing demand from entrepreneurs for a full-service solution that meets both business and personal needs as they move into the next stage of their business lifecycle.

H&A is uniquely positioned to work with entrepreneurs to identify and analyze all outcomes and scenarios important in every phase of a corporate transformation. This process begins with deep relationship building, helping entrepreneurs navigate roadblocks and receive a fresh perspective of their potential.

Working in-line with the entrepreneurial vision, we’re constant in our belief that the most valuable advising services for meaningful corporate change start — and end — with trust.

Our Mission

To be a trusted confidant and guide for entrepreneurs as they move towards the next stage of their business lifecycle.

Our Values

We view our values as effective tools for creating real results.

Transformation plans are possible only when they are determined by open and honest exchanges between advisors and entrepreneurs.


We all have goals and objectives that are important to us. We believe these are not mutually exclusive.


In line with holding open and honest exchange, communication is frequent, clear, retroactive, and without judgement.

“Susan made things happen quickly, and as a result, two years later our sales have nearly doubled and we are able to continue on our growth path to a bright future.”
Peter Hartlen CEO, Devonshire Industries Inc.

The H&A Story

An entrepreneur’s desire to stay in control of their destiny while creating a life around their business and their families often intertwine.

As Susan’s friends worked to find that balance — and having worked to find comfort in that space, herself — she noticed that they were often unsure how to move forward when unforeseen roadblocks impacted their business. With years of professional expertise, Susan could see that between these obstacles and the complex solutions lay the need for a trusting client and advisor relationship.

At times, a corporate transition is born out of necessity; at others, it’s based in an idea that to truly find success, a business must work through discomfort to grow and thrive. The number of resources required to execute this change can be overwhelming — and costly. But at its core, this transformation is based in trust between advisor and client.

With a desire to bridge this gap between difficult entrepreneurial decisions and full-service advising, Susan decided out-loud that it was time to put her unique skillset into action and create an advisory firm that put these relationships first.

Handrigan & Associates was created to provide a new approach to advising with turn-key solutions helping entrepreneurs identify, plan, and execute the next steps in their unique business lifecycle. This approach is relationship-based and 100% dedicated to the entrepreneurs we partner with.

By leaning into the company values of honestly, respect, and communication, Susan and every H&A advisor create space for the intangible ideas of corporate transformation to become real, results-based success stories.

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