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Susan Handrigan


Susan Handrigan is a dynamic leader with strong values and a wide breadth of experience and knowledge in business, including an extensive background in finance, mergers and acquisitions, leadership, and change management. Now, Susan is using this experience to get to know the entrepreneurs and businesses she serves inside and out.

From a very young age she was taught the value of infinite learning. Queen’s University educated in Applied Economics and Math, her hands-on experience at the Board Level in both private and public industries — and her varied financial exposure internationally — is what distinguishes her in a competitive professional world.

Throughout her career, Susan has always prioritized her roles as both a professional and a parent, maintaining a healthy balance between the two as she cultivates her specialized expertise and dedicates time to community-focused endeavours.

Susan is passionate about gender equality, supporting women entrepreneurs, girls in sport, mental health, and youth-led initiatives. Susan is the current President and CEO of Canada World Youth, a globally-renowned provider of international volunteer programs dedicated to inspiring agents of change.

She is also the Co-Founder of Head2Core Foundation, an organization that advocates for mental health through sport.

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``Susan’s financial knowledge is undeniable, but what has always impressed me is her ability to understand our business model and influence our direction. Her insights and advice are just as valuable to the evolution of our business as they are to my own progress as a manager.``
Stéphen Bouchard President, Labelink

About our Advisors

Our advisors are highly experienced specialists ready to help you at every stage of your business lifecycle.

John Giove, CPA, CA

Senior Advisor

John Giove is a professional accountant with 25 years of various industry experience — mainly in Consumable goods — as both CFO and owner-operator, and carries 15 years of experience in public accounting and turnaround management consulting. John has turned around and sold several businesses in financial difficulty with limited funding available by implementing his good business instinct and sound management skills.

  • Thorough diagnostic of the business to structure the proper business model.
  • Assessment of Human Capital and proper alignment of personnel.
  • Ability to quickly implement Customized Management Information Systems.
  • Understands the needs for continued R&D for the company’s future growth needs.
  • Ran several companies as COO and oversaw manufacturing and sales operations
  • Implementation of a daily Profit and loss reporting system catered to the business model
  • Finance and financial reporting requirements.
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