3 Musts for Entrepreneurs in 2021

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2020 turned our lives upside down. Some businesses fell flat and faced their worst nightmares, while others found ways to thrive under the new conditions.

For the most part, we all just tried to make it work while keeping each other safe.

2021 will be about more than just getting by—it will be about adapting, innovating, and finding new, more modern and efficient ways to do what you always have done: working hard to support and serve your customers.

To put it simply: Innovate. Innovate. Innovate!

The following three ‘musts’ for entrepreneurs used to be simple, often executed with minimal effort. Now, they’re intentional practices essential for supporting both our business and ourselves.

  • 1. Be present

    Your customers still have needs. In fact, they likely need you to remind them of their importance now more than ever. While you cannot take them to lunch or visit them in their place of business, you can find different ways to stay top of mind.

    Consistently posting on social media reminds them that you are present and active; e-blasts let them know that you are relevant and available to help; and direct contact (whether a virtual chat via Zoom or a standard phone call) demonstrates your dedication to staying proactive and attentive to their needs.

    Whatever the medium, you must be present and aware of your customer’s needs.
  • 2. Surround yourself with supporters

    Prior to Covid-19, purposefully or unknowingly, we were surrounded by people that influenced our decisions. The work from home situation, along with minimal contact with friends, family, other business owners, and professionals, have impacted these relationships and how we experience them.

    In 2021, ensure that the professionals you choose to interact with—albeit online—are strategic and purposeful, and find a way to make sure that you’re exposing yourself to varied opinions and perspectives. These points of contact can also unveil new opportunities that not only help you survive but thrive.
  • 3. Be flexible

    In today’s changing world, you may find that the way that you have always done things is no longer working— we need look no further than our favourite restaurants. Pre-Covid-19, the industry could count on the dinner crowd, lunch crowd, after work crowd, business crowd, or whatever go-to crowd packed the house and made them successful.

    Within days of the pandemic being declared, they’ve had to adapt and create new ways of being present in their customer’s lives, staying relevant and top of mind. Take-out, Door Dash, Skip the Dishes, special menus, delivery, and social media efforts are all ways restauranteurs have risen to the challenge.

Throughout everything, the economy is still moving forward. Thankfully, many entrepreneurs are flourishing, while others are working diligently to serve their customers in new, innovative ways.

The opportunities are there; and as an entrepreneur, if you’re present, surrounded by supportive, diverse influences, and are flexible in the ways you serve, they are yours to discover.

Whether you’re transitioning into a new way of doing business, or are looking for opportunities to transform and thrive in the modern economic environment, get in touch today to discuss how we can help align your objectives and make the most of your efforts.

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